Water Management That Saves Money and Resources.

Using actionable data and proven technology, we help your business use less water so you can increase efficiency, boost the bottom line, and help the environment.

Purpose, meet profit.

Apana’s Water Efficiency as a Service saves more than water alone—it saves time, money, and your reputation—so you don’t have to choose between doing what’s right and doing what’s profitable.

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Spot Waste Events

A burst pipe in a wall can easily go unnoticed until the monthly water bill comes due. Early detection can save thousands of gallons of water, money, and unplanned downtime.

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Gain Efficiency

Using data from across your operation, we help you identify wasteful water practices in plain sight. Practical adjustments can be made to everyday operations to slash water use and costs.

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Protect Assets

Asset protection is easy when water is monitored in real time. A leak in an irrigation system is fixed before it damages a parking lot. Low water flow is caught before it destroys a cooling tower.

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Boost Reputations

Using less water saves more than just a precious resource. Your organization’s reputation is enhanced by addressing environmental sustainability concerns.

Proven technology. Turnkey solutions. 

From cooling towers, to production lines, to irrigation systems, our water saving technology has proven time and again that it can flex to fit any need.

Applications and Industries
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We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

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Fetzer Vineyards

From 2017-2018, Fetzer Vineyards reduced water intensity 25%, driving significant improvement to its water stewardship program.

Las Vegas Resort Casino

At a Las Vegas Resort Casino, Apana helped reduce water use in their fountain and pool operations.

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Global Multi-Site Retailer

By seeing how water is used throughout operations, this global retailer reduced use by 14% and avoided other hidden expenses.

Poultry Processor

See how real-time water management increased efficiency and profits at a new, meat processing complex.

By using less water, less energy is needed to operate water systems, which in turn reduces Costco’s carbon footprint and expenses.

‑ Costco Sustainability Report

See how it works.

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IoT World Awards Startup of the Year (2019)

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Alliance for Sustainable Energy + NREL Innovation Incubator Award (2017)

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Sustainable Seattle Innovative Creation or Implementation to Advance Sustainability (2017)

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Imagine H2O Data Challenge, Runner Up (2016)

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NW Washington Sustainability Challenge – 1st Prize (2014)

First Look Forum Fall Competition, 1st Place (2014)

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CleanTech Open PNW, 1st Place, National Finalist (2014)

Apana provides 22% average water and sewer reduction
Waste identified every 16 hours on average for enterprise customers
Apana is in over 600 cities worldwide