Know your water

APANA delivers powerful analytics.

Eliminate water waste, reduce
risk, and save money.

Manage water like inventory®

To solve a problem, you must first understand it.

Water is no exception. The first step toward eliminating water waste is measuring when, where, and how much you use.

Expect more

When it comes to water use, less is more.

Just ask Fetzer Winery. Measuring water and identifying misuse is a key component of achieving their sustainability goals.

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20 - 25% of water use is avoidable

Our technology goes beyond basic monitoring and leak detection.

Discover operational use patterns

Know how your workers are using water and get guidance on how to be more efficient.

Identify specific equipment malfunctions

Spot hidden waste events and pinpoint where and how to fix them.

We don't just give you data We give you actions

Our system provides visibility and increased protection from water waste and compliance issues.


Nothing is hidden:

  • High resolution data down to the second
  • 24/7 coverage throughout the built environment


Sources are revealed:

  • Find hidden mechanical failures
  • Discover operational breakdowns


How to fix it:

  • Instant, actionable alerts sent to your device of choice
  • Step-by-step instructions to resolve the problem

Our customers are returning 18% - 25% of their water
and sewer costs to the bottom line.

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