Put Yourself in Control.

Water Efficiency as a Service™ allows you to see, resolve, and optimize water use.

See. Understand. Manage.

Measurement, analytics, and automation make it possible to manage water like inventory®.

Smart endpoint

A secure IoT solution delivers insights into daily operations with actionable, step-by-step guidance to fix problems.

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Reduce Risk and Avoid Costs with
Intelligent Water Management

1. APANA Scans Your Built Environment 24/7

A leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution wirelessly connects strategically placed meters and sensors. With high resolution data and cloud analytics, the solution monitors the water infrastructure to identify anomalous use in real time.

2. APANA Analyzes Incoming Data to Identify Risks

Advanced analytics continuously scans data for patterns and discrepancies across 1000s of potential failure points. Supported by a large-scale library of water signatures and location-specific conditions, the system’s intelligence increases as more data is gathered.

3. APANA Automates Guidance for Rapid Resolution

When waste or anomalous use events are identified, insights – and actionable, step-by-step guidance to address the problems – are sent to the right person at the right time. The hidden costs of equipment failures, reactive maintenance and sloppy practices are avoided.

Your Intelligent Water Management Platform™

APANA clients have demonstrated water use reductions of 20 percent or more, but the real benefits far exceed water savings.

Scan Water Infrastructure

Where does it start?

  • Fast setup and reliable wireless monitoring
  • High resolution, rapid interval data
  • Specific modules for functional areas

Identify Waste Events

How does it work?

  • Secure endpoints and cloud analytics
  • Large scale library of water signatures
  • Visibility across 1000s of failure points

Guide Rapid Resolution

What comes next?

  • Automated alerts to any device at the right time
  • Actionable, step-by-step guidance by event
  • Useful insights, KPIs, and reporting

Industry Leaders Rely on APANA