our journey

Our Story

As corporate water use and wastewater treatment specialists, our journey began when helping a client solve an urgent compliance problem. They were overwhelmed by excessive water flow and contamination. Our initial task was to expand their wastewater treatment plant. Almost immediately we realized problems were not outside in the treatment plant; they were inside the building.

If we could eliminate our client’s unnecessary water use and contamination at the source, their compliance issues would disappear. Not only would this be better for the environment, our client would avoid spending millions on building and running new treatment plants. A big idea was born.

Tests at several locations proved the idea could work. Our client reduced their water use by more than 20%. Savings exceeded the cost of keeping waste in check.

APANA has been on a mission to eliminate water waste in the built environment ever since.

Meet The Leadership

Matt Rose, CEO

Matt is co-founder and CEO of Apana. A technology company executive, Matt is a leader in new product development for IoT systems and prescriptive analytics for business intelligence applications. Accomplished yachtsman, skier.

Frank Burns, Founder

Frank is founder of Apana. With more than 20 years of water efficiency expertise in the built environment, Frank leads the innovation to eliminate wasteful use. Ran Boston and New York marathons.

Tom Doll, President

Tom is President of Apana. Tom has repeatedly delivered results in startup, turnaround, and growth-driven environments. Loves kayaking and golf.

Tom Remmers, PhD, VP Data Analytics

Tom is Apana’s big data scientist. With a PhD from University of Washington, he is the brains behind the company’s large scale data and data analytics engine. Oenophile and wine maker.

Matt Maher Peterson, CTO

Matt is Apana’s hardware design engineer. A former drone (UAV) and aerospace engineer, Matt has expertise in mission-critical avionics sub-component design. Avid kiteboarder and outdoorsman.

Kristie Lanum, Operations Director

Kristie makes it happen at Apana. As operations director, Kristie streamlines Apana’s customer integration process, leading service and support operations. Trekked Machu Picchu.

Audra McLain, Operations Manager

Audra keeps everything running smoothly at Apana. An experienced financial and administrative manager, Audra is asked often to help in a range of initiatives. Soccer player, loves dogs.