A water management system that’s been there. Done that.

And we can do it for you. From production lines, to cooling towers, to irrigation systems, our water management system has been proven to work across a variety of applications and industries.

Apana’s data analytics allows us to update and improve our corporate water stewardship efforts at a time when conserving water is more important than ever.

‑ Cindy DeVries, COO Fetzer Vineyards

Across industries.
Around the globe.

Our water management system is installed in more than 600 cities on three continents. No matter where your operations are located, if you use water, we have an efficient solution for your needs.

Food and Beverage Processing

Determine your product water footprint, set benchmarks, and manage towards greater operational efficiency and lower total cost. Reliably and predictably achieve sustainability targets.

Grocery and Supermarket

Compare water use across shifts, institutionalize best practices with your staff, protect key assets from damage, and limit business disruption from waste events.

Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate

Monitor water use areas critical to the guest and tenant experience, optimize cooling tower performance and understand where and how water is used.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturing

Monitor and analyze water usage across operations and processes including labs, chillers, condensers, and purified process water.

Semiconductor and High Tech Manufacturing

Optimize fabrication, processing, cooling, cleaning and sanitization; water can serve as a key performance indicator for overall health of your operations and eliminate waste.