Apana Water Efficiency as a Service gets a major platform update

Apana is releasing a major platform update to its Water Efficiency as a Service platform.

This release was inspired by our commitment to helping industrial and commercial customers improve operational efficiency, boost the bottom line, and advance environmental stewardship.

The release adds more functionality than ever before. For starters, you will have greater visibility into water usage and waste so you use only what your operation needs. Another major focus has been the improvements to the user interface as well as application performance and responsiveness.

The major update includes:

  • Enhanced real-time and historical visualizations of waste event alerts
  • Customizable waste event alerting
  • Waste alerting within and across facilities to forecast trends
  • An API to connect water data with process automation and business intelligence
  • Mobile-friendly interface

Answers to common questions are below. Please check back often because we update this page regularly.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Why are we releasing this update?

Providing the best user experience in the water management category is a commitment we’ve had since launching the service. We strive to present your water data in the simplest, easiest to understand manner and in a way best suited for your business. This release supports this mission.

What’s new in the platform release?

  • Waste event visualization: Visualizations are integrated into the real-time and historical data, providing water usage by area or process across different levels of an organization.
  • Waste event alerting: You will have more control in customizing your waste event alerts so you can receive information that works best for your organization. Alerts can be set up to work within and across multiple facilities to allow for more accurate forecasting and benchmarking.
  • Full, configurable API: Our application programming interface offers daily water-use totals by metering point.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: You can now easily access your dashboards anywhere and from any device.

Along with the above updates, we have upgraded the platform’s security to stay aligned with current security standards and best practices and keep your data safe.

What benefits are in the new release?

The improvements we’re making advance your ability to identify and optimize production processes, meet sustainability targets, improve forecast accuracy, and maximize productivity.

Will I need to create a new account?

No. All current Water Efficiency as a Service users will maintain their existing accounts. However, you will be prompted to create a new password the first time you log into the new platform. You will be able to use Google Sign-in to authenticate your account. In this case, you will not need to create a new password.

Will all my old data of water usage be available?

Yes. Daily water consumption by site and metering point will continue to be available back to the location’s installation date. Daily graphs showing minute-by-minute usage will be available going back at least 13 months.

Can I reuse my old password?

Upon your first log in, you will be prompted to create a new password. You will not be able to log in using your existing email and password combination. Passwords must meet a standard password strength requirement. If your former password meets these requirements, you will be able to reuse your old password.

Will the way I receive alerts change?

You can choose to have your alerts sent to you via email, text message, or both.

What will the waste event notifications look like?

We have updated the look and feel of your waste event to provide a simpler user experience. You will receive alerts based on the type of waste event you are experiencing with actionable details on how to find and fix the problem.

How regular will future updates occur?

Large scale updates, like this one, are infrequent. We will release smaller updates regularly to improve the user experience, fix issues, and maintain platform reliability and stability.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please reach out to Apana’s Customer Success Team at support@apana.com.