For companies with numerous buildings and installations spread out over a wide geographical area, water use malfunctions can be hard to pinpoint. When a specific […]

Startup of the Year: Apana. Five-year-old Apana won in the startup category for its intelligent water management system, which helps to reduce water waste and […]

APANA – IoT World release Press Release APANA Named “Startup of the Year” by Internet of Things World Company recognized for innovative IoT water intelligence […]

BELLINGHAM, Wash., May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — APANA and Walmart Inc. are expanding a water conservation pilot program at Walmart stores in the Dallas-Fort […]

A local tech firm focused on helping other companies better manage water usage has received a big investment that will allow them to expand and […]

Many building operators assume that losses from water mismanagement are just a cost of doing business. Matt Rose thinks otherwise. Rose is the CEO and […]