Installation Rebates for Green Technology

Installation rebates for green technology benefits the consumer both short and long-term by 1) providing a partial refund following installation that incentivizes the selection of energy-efficient appliances, and 2) reducing energy consumed which then reduces operation costs. A rebate can offset the intimidation of up-front costs that may shy business owners away from going green.

Rebate programs vary across the country, and are offered by federal, state, county, and local entities. Currently, there are no state-ran rebate programs in Washington State. However, there are still a variety of rebate programs offered by the federal government, counties, and other local entities such as utility companies that are directly invested in reducing energy consumption. Below are some programs Washington State residents may be eligible for.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Offered by: U.S. Internal Revenue Service

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects are eligible for a 30% rebate on solar, wind, and fuel cell installations; and a 10% rebate for installation of microturbines, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology, and geothermal technology. Eligibility is contingent upon the energy-efficiency of the installation upgrades. In other words, the technology must meet certain energy-efficiency requirements. To maximize rebate returns, applicants should apply before December 31st, 2019.

Joint Utility Rebate for Advances Rooftop Controllers (ARC)

Offered by: Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Snohomish County PUD, and Tacoma Power

Several local utility companies offer a substantial rebate for the installation of qualifying energy-efficient rooftop equipment, otherwise known as Advanced Rooftop Unit Controllers. These participating companies offer a rebate of $225 per ton for electric retrofits, and $50 per ton for gas systems retrofits. The program can cover as much as 70% of the qualifying project cost.

Financial Incentives & Technical Assistance for Industrial Customers

Offered by: Seattle City Light

This program offers rebates to industrial customers for installing energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, air, and refrigeration systems among other projects. SCL will pay up to 70% of the total project cost for these qualifying upgrades. In addition, SCL can also pay for an energy analysis for qualifying projects to assess current energy consumption rates.

Commercial Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate Programs

Offered by: Puget Sound Energy

PSE offers commercial and industrial customers rebates for upgrading or retrofitting energy-inefficient appliances and systems. This offer is relevant to commercial kitchens, laundries, lighting, and HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems. Rebates vary per installation upgrade type.

Solar Express Rebate Program

Offered by: Snohomish County Public Utility District

Despite what one may think, solar panels in Washington state are a viable option for renewable energy. However, Washington has concentrated their solar power efforts into their Performance Payment program, leaving Snohomish County as the single county in the State to offer a rebate program. Snohomish PUD offers assistance to both residential and commercial projects for solar photovoltaics and solar water heating. Applicants can receive up to $8,000 in rebate at a rate of $300 per kilowatt for commercial PV installation. In addition, applicants can receive $500 per system to install a solar water heating system.