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  • 07 MAY 2018

    Installation Rebates for Green Technology

    Installation rebates for green technology benefits the consumer both short and long-term by 1) providing a partial refund following installation that incentivizes the selection of energy-efficient appliances, and 2) reducing energy consumed which then ... here

  • 13 MAR 2018

    Water Saving Tips For Industry

    Water Saving For Industry

    The United States is a major ... here

  • 23 JAN 2018

    Advances in Water Management

    Water is one of civilization’s most valuable resources. Some of the most critical advances in technology center around water management. While understanding water’s importance, we still pollute, waste it, and continue unsustainable practices. So h... here

  • 08 JAN 2018

    Water in the 21st Century

    Of our planet’s vast amount of water, 2.5% is freshwater, and less than half of that total is surface freshwater; over 96% of the earth’s water is saltwater retained in the oceans. Water helps power our energy infrastructure and is a key highway for g... here