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APANA Named “Startup of the Year” by Internet of Things World
Company recognized for innovative IoT water intelligence platform that helps companies better manage water usage, avoid costs, protect assets and eliminate waste

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (May 16, 2019) APANA has been named “Startup of the Year” by Internet of Things World in its first-ever awards program. APANA was recognized for its Intelligent Water Management PlatformTM, which delivers smart water management as a service for facilities everywhere.

APANA’s secure IoT solution connects meters and sensors around facilities using APANA-designed devices that leverage industry leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies. With high resolution data and cloud analytics, APANA monitors the water infrastructure to identify anomalous use in real time. Insights and actionable, step-by-step guidance to fix problems are sent to the right person at the right time.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by IoT World, especially given the competition in our category as well as the quality of companies across the competition,” said Matt Rose, co-founder and CEO of APANA. “The whole team at APANA has been working tirelessly on behalf of our customers and partners, so this award is really theirs to celebrate.”

APANA has successfully deployed its platform with customers across more than 600 cities globally. In the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, APANA focuses on grocery, hospitality, food and beverage, as well as cities and other public institutions. Customers, which include Walmart, Costco, MGM Grand and many others, report reducing water use by between 15 and 30 percent on average. Earlier this year the company raised $11 million in a Series B round.

The categories in the inaugural competition stretched across the IoT ecosystem, from organizational awards (most promising startup and most notable acquisition); to products in the edge, connectivity, security, industrial and consumer spaces; to a real-world deployment; to recognition of integration-focused advancements; to personal trophies for C-level execs in both the enterprise and vendor categories. A mix of editors, analysts, researchers, consultants and others participated in the judging process for the IoT World awards.

About APANA®
APANA is the creator of the Intelligent Water Management PlatformTM, a secure IoT solution that delivers smart water management as a service for facilities everywhere. Customers include Fortune 500 companies, public institutions and cities. We are dedicated to providing practical solutions for smart water management so facility operators and property managers can avoid costs, protect assets, and eliminate waste. All while helping to ensure the sustainability of Earth’s most precious asset – water. More information is available at

Media Contact:
John Williams, Scoville PR for APANA