Commercial water audits – what’s next?

Many commercial facilities may not know they have a water efficiency or water waste issue until receiving a high water use notice from their utility. This is often accompanied by an abnormally high water and sewer bill. In some cases, use (and the bill) could be double or more what you are used to!

Utility-provided Water Audit

When your utility provides a water audit, they will conduct a physical inspection of your building to catalogue all water-using fixtures, identify potential areas of excessive consumption, and note any degradation of previously efficient devices. Typically they will provide recommendations for water efficient products and improved practices.

Now that you have a set of recommendations from your water audit, what do you do next? Incorporating best practices for water management into daily routine operations can save water and money in the long run by training staff to learn to see waste and adjust behavior accordingly.

If you are only receiving a water bill once a month, the touchpoints for doing something about it are few and far between. Having intermittent water data makes it difficult to connect daily routines to daily best practices. In places where your utility does not provide water audits, we cover how to conduct your own water audit in our blog post here.

Data plus guidance

Using a smart water management system that provides real-time data allows facilities and maintenance professionals to spot potential problems early, before they become a big deal. Apana’s Water Efficiency as a Service does provide real-time data on water usage, coupled with alerts on abnormal use, which enables staff to incorporate water management into their daily routine. Apana’s alerts come with simple, step-by-step guidance to find problems fast, saving water and money. Once up and running, it’s common for our clients to reduce overall water consumption 20% or more.

If you’ve had a water audit recently and are wondering what to do next, connect with our team for a complimentary consultation. We can help determine if smart water management is the right next step for you.