World Water Day

Mar 22 2019

22 MAR 2019

World Water Day

Today, March 22, is World Water Day. Fresh water is essential to life as we know it. With growing concerns around scarcity, access, and pressure on existing resources, APANA is taking a moment to connect the work we are doing in smart water management to the broader implications for the global water supply.

In the United States, as much as 50% of water used outdoors is lost to inefficiencies in irrigation systems. 20% or more of indoor water use is lost due to leaks and unnecessary use.

It’s easy to take access to fresh water for granted. We turn the tap on and water flows out. What if that were no longer the case? In many parts of the world, wells have run dry, and having enough water for basic needs such as drinking, cooking, and cleaning is not a given.

To celebrate World Water Day, take a moment to think about your relationship with water. Consider getting involved with the following organizations to ensure clean, abundant resources exist for future generations.

Pure Water for the World

Water for Good