Water conservation is hard. We know from experience! At the same time, it is incredibly important. The EPA estimates that 40 states in the US […]

Many commercial facilities may not know they have a water efficiency or water waste issue until receiving a high water use notice from their utility. […]

managing water

“Smart water management helps us keep our operating costs low” according to Sheri Files, Costo’s Vice President of Global Sustainability and Compliance, in a recent […]

Close up of water gushing out of the pipe

1. It lowers your water-related costs Prioritizing water management helps you eliminate water waste and keep your water infrastructure operating in peak condition. Using water […]

water meter

Water meters measure the volume of water flow through a pipe. This could be the main water supply pipe for an entire facility, or a […]

Water efficiency as a service doesn’t just lower your water bill. As one manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest learned, getting better insight into how your […]