Cooling tower for HVAC system with coils

A cooling tower is a structure that uses water evaporation or airflow to remove excess heat from industrial equipment and HVAC systems. They’re essential for […]

Man holds invoice of water usage

Regardless of the rate structure a utility company uses to charge you, your organization’s water and sewer bill is directly connected to your water usage. […]

evaporative cooler system in factory

It’s one of the most common heat rejection methods that cooling towers use to cool industrial equipment and HVAC systems. As hot water enters the […]

Landscape Irrigation

For large corporate offices and facilities, landscape irrigation often represents a huge percentage of total water use – as much as 30% of your water […]

Water leaks can destroy your equipment, damage your facility, and drastically increase your water and sewer costs. Left unresolved, leaks can waste upwards of tens […]

This process is designed to document all the ways your facility currently uses water, how much water you typically consume, and what you could do […]