Apana Fast Start Program

Introducing an affordable “Fast Start” option to help you reduce water waste and your total cost of water within weeks vs. months.

The Fast Start option is a quick start kit that contains:

  • Four ultrasonic, clamp-on smart meters
  • One Apana LiNK Transceiver for each meter
  • One Apana Gateway
  • Apana’s easy-to-use graphical dashboards, reporting, and BI tools
  • Software-as-a-Service licenses for real-time analytics and waste alerts for each measuring point

You can also easily add measuring points as needed making it suitable for any building, production plant, or institution in need of real-time, minute-by-minute water insights and waste alerts without disrupting current water-using processes.

To learn more about how you can start reducing water use and waste, please complete this form and an Apana representative will get back to you.