For commercial properties, landscape irrigation is often the single largest use of water.

Irrigation systems can use as much as 50% of a facility’s water profile. It’s also an area of great concern for property damage.

Broken Irrigation Line Under Parking Lot

Case in point: this large commercial retail property found a gusher of an event when the automated, “smart” irrigation system started up for the spring.

Water from a broken irrigation pipe flowed between 45 and over 100 gallons per minute. Enough to waste over 110,000 gallons in a day, and erode part of the parking lot foundation.

A 40 gallon per minute leak will waste over 110,00 gallons of water in 48 hours. That’s enough for 3 weeks of peak watering at a typical facility, or about the volume of a backyard swimming pool. Imagine if waste at that level happens for a week?

Chart of Real Time Water Use

Because the property had APANA’s Intelligent Water Management Platform, they were alerted to the issue in real time and were able to get a landscape irrigation contractor to fix the broken pipe in a matter of days.

Had the property been unmonitored, the waste event would have run until sinkholes in the parking lot were unmistakable.

Being forewarned is forearmed. APANA offers real-time protection against the dangers of water. The benefits and peace of mind provides returns beyond water conservation alone.