Sustainable Water Management Resources

Information you need. Answers to your questions. Best practices for sustainable water management to reduce your total cost of water.

Book: Water Efficiency as a Service


  • Water Efficiency as a Service PDF (672k)

    If you’re new, this brochure offers a practical overview of the processes and services we use to help businesses reduce the total cost of water.


  • Buildings & Processes PDF (1.1Mb)

    Visibility into wasteful practices, plumbing malfunctions, and the health of equipment using water can lead to big savings in water, time, and money.

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems PDF (2.1Mb)

    Visibility into efficiency for cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and other air conditioning systems can lead to big mechanical and operations savings.

  • Landscape Irrigation PDF (4.3Mb)

    Visibility into underground control valves, piping, and watering equipment can lead to big water use reductions and protection from asset destruction.

Success Stories

  • Fetzer Vineyards PDF (680k)

    From 2017-2018, Fetzer Vineyards reduced water intensity 25%, driving significant improvement to its water stewardship program.

  • Global Multi-Site Retailer PDF (975k)

    See how Apana helped this global retailer reduce their water use by 14% and avoid other hidden expenses.

  • Las Vegas Resort Casino PDF (978k)

    At a Las Vegas Resort Casino, Apana helped reduce water use in their fountain and pool operations.

  • Poultry Processor PDF (658k)

    See how real-time water management increased efficiency and profits at a new, state of the art meat processing complex.


  • Apana eBook PDF (720k)

    We didn’t originally set out to eliminate water waste. Learn how our journey began.

  • Security Policy PDF (720k)

    The Apana Water Efficiency as a Service solution is secure by design – engineered from the ground up using industry standards for data security and compliance.

  • Service and Support Datasheet PDF (720k)

    Learn more about the features offered in our Basic and Premier service and support levels.

  • Water Conservation Incentive Database

    Search the most comprehensive database of commercial water conservation incentives, programs, and rebates offered by nearly 400 of the largest municipalities in the United States. Published in 2020 by Apana, our aim is to educate and encourage water conservation across the commercial, industrial, and institutional landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

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