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Large retailer reduces water use by 22% across stores

Read the Fortune article chronicling how APANA has saved Costco millions of gallons of water to date.

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Iconic Las Vegas hotel goes high-tech to conserve water

Bellagio water infrastructure is being monitored in real time, enabling staff to conserve water.

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Food service operation fix eliminates 650,000+ gallon waste event.

Immediately upon installation, APANA identified a malfunctioning pressure release valve that had been wasting 1,800 gallons of hot water per day for over a year. In reducing hot water waste, electricity bills were also cut.

Cooling tower avoids 345,000 gallon waste event.

APANA pinpointed a performance issue after a service provider performed maintenance on a cooling tower. Left undetected, it would have resulted in a 30-day, 345,000-gallon waste event.

Irrigation system failure caught before expensive damage caused.

APANA identified a hidden mechanical failure in the underground irrigation system. Left undiscovered and unfixed, the leak would have severely damaged pavement and possibly caused a parking lot to collapse.

Major malfunctions identified in water softener system.

Two malfunctions were detected in a water softener system. In addition to using 40 percent more water than required, the system wasn’t rinsing properly due to a mechanical failure. APANA instantly alerted staff.

5-star hotel and spa rethinks water after costly event

A bathtub left running in a hotel room caused water damage. A faulty valve in the spa went undiscovered for months. With APANA, the hotel is notified as these types of waste events occur, and they receive guidance for what to do.

Large grocery halves water waste.

Permitted water use was 8,000 gallons a day, but water bills showed more than 12,000 gallons. APANA instantly identified a range of issues to eliminate waste. After these were fixed, new ones appeared. Again, using APANA, staff quickly reacted and ended up cutting their water waste in half.