Water Efficiency as a Service

Valve Close Test

The valve close test is a 2-3 hour process. You can reduce this time by locating valves prior to this process.

This test must be performed when there is no water use in the facility. We recommend performing this test after close of business, and you will need a plumber present during the test unless facility personnel are comfortable opening and closing valves.


Complete prior to Valve Close Test

  1. Locate the water valves to be used during the test. (see example image below)
  2. Create a sketch of the facility with each test valve labeled by area (e.g. receiving, bathrooms, etc). Number these valves starting with the valve furthest downstream from the main water shut off. For example, if there are four valves, and receiving is the last valve on the water line, receiving will be labeled Valve 1. (See example sketch below)
  3. Create a water shut off/on schedule using the ‘Test Procedure’ (below) as guidance.
  4. Schedule a 2-3 hour facility shutdown inspection with your staff or plumber if applicable
  5. Inform support@apana.com with the time and date of the Valve Close Test, please include the facility sketch and time schedule.

    Note: This sketch must be sent to Apana prior to the Valve Close Test for review and approval. Please remember to include the prospective valve shut off/on schedule.
sample sketch for the valve close test

Test Procedure

Start after close on the evening of test

The idea is to find all shut off valves, starting with the furthest downstream valve from the main facility water shut off. Work your way toward the main shut off valve by shutting each valve off in the facility 10 minutes apart, then do that in reverse order once all valves are shut off.

  1. Ensure that ALL water is off in the facility (i.e. water softener cycles, ovens, irrigation system, dishwashers) and inform personnel not to use water during the test. This step is critical. Please wait to turn on any cleaning cycles until after the valve close test.
  2. Shut off the valve farthest from the main water shut off, labeled valve 1 on your sketch including the time it was shut off. Wait 10 minutes. Turn off valve 2. Wait another 10 minutes, and then continue this pattern until you have shut off all the valves. Once all valves are shut off, wait another 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.
    • If this is not completed in the correct order, this test will have an inconclusive result and need to be repeated at another time.
  3. Starting closest to the main water shut off, turn the valves back on in the opposite order that you turned them off. Wait at least 30 seconds before turning the next valve back on. We recommend that you turn on several sinks / faucets in each area prior to turning the water valves back on to help prevent water hammering.
  4. After the water is back on, do a quick floor walk to ensure that there are no obvious leaks; in rare instances, hidden leaks that have self-healed over time, will begin to leak again when the water is turned back on.
  5. Email support@apana.com with a copy of your completed sketch showing the valves and shut off/on times.
  6. Apana will get back to you with the results and next steps.

Note: This procedure may need to be completed multiple times before waste is located.