Apana® Water Efficiency as a Service®

Learn how Apana’s decades of water technology expertise can cut water use, improve operations, and reduce compliance risk.

Apana Insights: Customer Engagement with Alerts

Learn how Apana alerts power customer engagement and deliver business value.

Cooling Tower Case Study

Construction on site almost created a crisis in cooling – learn how real time water management saved refrigerated product from spoilage in under 24 hours.

Real Time Monitoring: City Compliance Case Study

A grocer in the Southwest US needed to proactively monitor water use in order to stay under an 8,000 gallon per day threshold set by the utility. Learn how Apana helped them stay in compliance.

Production Facility Case Study

Water-connected fixtures can fail at unexpected times. Having Apana’s Water Efficiency as a Service installed insures you are not caught off guard when it counts.

Poultry Plant Case Study

See how Apana’s enterprise dashboard helps clients identify issues fast – like in the case of this low pressure hot water loop at a large poultry plant in the Midwest.

How we got started

Designing and building wastewater treatment plants led to an epiphany about measuring water use in real time.

Points of Difference

Apana offers a platform and solution scope you will not find elsewhere.

WEBINAR: Protein Producers and Processors

Learn from Apana experts about how and why protein producers and processors need to manage water.

How it works

How do you connect hard-to-reach water infrastructure to the cloud? Watch our video to see how it works.

SOP Compliance Case Study

Apana can help your operation stay in compliance with standard operating procedures – here’s one example.

The Larger Water Problem

Increasing scarcity, water restrictions, rates combined with inefficient use, undetected failures, and overall poor visibility make up some of the pieces of the larger water problem.