Water Efficiency as a Service

Simple, actionable insight to reduce the total cost of water.

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Infographic: The total cost of water is 3x the direct cost

Your water bill is just the tip of the iceberg.

The total cost of water adds up quickly. Consider sewer charges, leaks, misuse, unplanned downtime, asset destruction, repair, and business disruptions. And don’t forget to add the wasted energy used to heat, cool, and distribute water. Savings opportunities are everywhere.

Infographic: The total cost of water is 3x the direct cost

See what lies beneath the surface.

Apana’s Water Efficiency as a Service uses state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology and real-time analytics to reveal where water is used—and where it’s wasted—in your facility. 

Your Facility

  • Apana system installed
  • System scans water infrastructure
  • High resolution water data acquired
infographic showing LINK units communicating with LINK Gateway

Real-Time Analytics

  • Data is backhauled to the Cloud
  • Analytics identify waste and anomalous use
  • Information is compiled into suite of tools
infographic showing graph in cloud being inspected with a magnifying glass

24/7 Intelligence

  • Automated alerts sent to any device
  • Step-by-step guidance to fix problems
  • Seamless integration with existing routines
infographic showing smart phone and laptop with graphs and an alert

At MGM Resorts, conservation is in our DNA…
we can cut the number of gallons used by 10%, 20%, or even 50% in the future and validate it.

‑ Mark Campbell, Executive Director of Sustainability, MGM Resorts

Purpose-built for water.

Water Efficiency as a Service uses a state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) solution and real-time analytics. Apana monitors your operation 24/7, minute by minute. Incoming water data is continuously analyzed and automated, step-by-step guidance is delivered to the right people at the right time. 

See how we apply the Apana solution across some common applications such as production, irrigation, and cooling towers.

Applications and Industries

Apana solution options.

Measurement points, or nodes, are the building blocks of Water Efficiency as a Service. How many nodes you need in a facility or across a portfolio are determined by what you want to accomplish. Start small. Or go facility-wide out of the gate. We work with you to determine what will deliver the most value.

Text: General Programs
Text: Industry Programs
Text: General Programs

Water Efficiency as a Service for

Our entry-level offering for those who want to get started with measurement and verification, alerts of large scale waste events, dashboard access, and standard reports.

Includes Basic Service and Support.

Water Efficiency as a Service for

Our enterprise offering provides automated, configurable alerts and notifications, virtual nodes, dashboard analytics, custom reports, and a BMS integration option.

Includes Premier Service and Support.

Text: Industry Programs

Water Efficiency as a Service for

Purpose-built for industry, the program uses finely-tuned dashboard analytics, alerts, and notifications to help staff manage the facility, evaporative cooling, and landscape irrigation. 

Includes Premier Service and Support.

Interested? No time like the present.

Customers see a 25-40% return on investment.
The payback period is typically under two years. Reductions in water use is up to 20% or more.

Powerful software.
Patented hardware.

Measurement points, or nodes, are the foundation of our service. Each node has two components: a hardware device to connect a “smart” water meter to our IoT network and software to give you access to real-time analytics, reporting, and automated alerts. The software subscription renews annually. See Apana Terms of Service for details.

Installation: We help configure the solution and coordinate third-party installation for turnkey ease. If necessary, we can recommend an Apana-certified plumber in your area. You contract directly with the installer, or your staff can do the work. We are not a water meter company, but we do work closely with leading manufacturers to assure compatibility. We can add water meters to the project, or you can purchase them directly.

Service & Support: Apana provides two levels of on-going Service and Support: Basic and Premier. Both are backed by our friendly, knowledgeable staff who have deep solution expertise and understand complex water systems. Download our Service and Support Options for more information.

Quarterly Reviews: Once the solution is installed, our customer success team meets with you each quarter to review key metrics, identify potential issues, and suggest best practices to maximize ROI.

Our patented Link Puck, shown here, attaches to water meters in strategic locations within our facility and transmits data to the cloud 24/7.  Once there, our Water Efficiency as a Service Sfotware scrutinizes the data for waste events, sends alerts, and provides guidance to solve problems.